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Tittle Agricultural Insurance-AClimte Change Adopatation Tool in The African,Asian,and Pacefic Regions
Auther AARDO
Publication Date 2017
Keywords agricultural,climate change,african,asian



Tittle How to Develop Our Village and Country
Auther SMU
Publication Date 2011
Keywords Seeding



Title Reviews in Ecology desert conservation and development
Author Barakat,H.(edi.)
Publication Date 1997
Keywords liveable earth,environmental education,land degradation control,watersheds,desertification
Title Olivebioteq2014: International conference for olive tree and olive products :book of Abstracts
Author Ayoub.,S.  Alqasem,M.(edi.)
Publication Date 2014
Keywords olive varieties, histological evaluation, olive genetic, nutrient uptake, plant regeneration, oil content, SSRvmarker
Title Salinity Management in dry  Regions:fundamentals and experiences  from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and palestenian Authority
Author MERAP
Publication Date 2007
Keywords land use,  saline water, saline soil, plant production, case studies, environmental impacts,economic considerations
Title Following Olive Footprints
Author El-Kholy,M.
Publication Date 2012
Keywords cullivation,folklore history,traditions,uses,culture
Title Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilizer Application to Irrigated Wheat
Author IAEA
Publication Date 2000
Keywords nitrogen uptake efficiency,chlorophyll meter,simulation models,production increasing,nitrate movement,wheat yield responses



Title Farmers'Crop Varieties and Farmers' Rights: Challenge in taxonomy and law
Author Halewood,M. (edit)
Publication Date 2016
Keywords farmers,legal status laws,plant varieties



Title Identification and Mapping of Hot Spot Areas Susceptible toSoil Erosion in Erak Al karak Area Using Geoinformatics


Mazahreh,S ,Alkharabsheh ,M ,Bsoul,M
Puplication Date 2017
Keywords Soil Erosion , Erak Alkarak Area



Title Reviw of the Archaeology of the Wadi Rum Protected Area
Author The Royal Society
Puplication Date 2001
Keywords The Wadi Rum Protected Area




Rum Ntaure Reserve Ecological Baseline Surveys

Author The Royal Society
Puplication Date


Keywords Ecological Baseline , Wadi Rum Protected Area



Title Dana Nature Reserve Forest Inventory Survey
Author UNDP
Puplictation Date 1995
Keywords Forest Inventory , Dana Nature