International Cooperation and Public Relations Unit (Directorate level)

The International Cooperation and Public Relations Unit is carrying out the following
Inform the public about the current news and activities highlighting the important role of the Center in guiding and improving local agricultural situation.
Inform decision-makers and legislators in the administrative and governmental bodies about the importance of agricultural scientific research represented by the Center, thus affecting the general economic situation in terms of the ability to influence the increase in production capacity of agricultural crops, livestock and agricultural exports.
Highlight the role of the Center in the Jordanian agricultural development to convince international organizations and donors to obtain their support for projects in terms of finance and capacity building.
Enhance the relations between the Center and international organizations /institutions related to agricultural research.
Provide information highlighting the achievements, activities and events of the Center to various information media.
Organize the Center's relations with the channels of mass media either printed or audio-visual.
Monitor and document published or disseminated activities regarding the agricultural sector and the activities of the Center.
Participate in preparing programs, publications and agricultural media.
Function as public relations, international cooperation and information.
Prepare the annual plan to implement the tasks entrusted to the unit and follow-up its implementation.