Intellectual Property Right Protection Unit

Intellectual Property Right Protection Unit is carrying out the following
Create awareness and understanding of issues related to Jordanian laws, intellectual property, technology transfer, licensing, and the regulations of the Center.
Implement and follow-up regulations regarding intellectual property rights issued by the Center's Board.
Receive applications containing the disclosure of a plant variety, invention or industrial model, submitted by the researchers and study them for the purpose of evaluation,identification of novelty, and previous studies available, in addition to the possibility of their exploitation inlocal and international industry and agriculture.
Protect and market plant varieties, inventions and industrial designs included in documents and applications.
Study and determine documents to be published containing a disclosure of an invention, an industrial model, or a new plant variety.
Cooperate with the Technology Transfer Coordinating Office in Al Hassan Science City and the Jordanian Technology Transfer network (as the unit is considered as part of the network), realizing the benefit of the Center’s researchers, and linking researchers to this network.
Supervise and follow-up on technology and intellectual property right licensing contracts of which the Center is a party.
Register invention patents, new plant varieties, books, and any domain involving intellectual property right.
Prepare the annual plan for the implementation of the tasks entrusted to the unit and follow-up its implementation.