Socio-Economic Studies Research Directorate

Assessment of the economic and social impacts of modern agricultural techniques is one of the functions of the Directorate of Economic and Social Studies. As the application and adoption of these techniques by farmers need to demonstrate their impact on improving their economic and social conditions, Studying the competitiveness of our agricultural products and their marketing opportunities locally and externally also helps farmers make the right decision in choosing which crops they will grow to maximize their profits. Also, the study of the economic and social factors affecting production and productivity is also essential to achieving economic efficiency in the use of available agricultural resources and thus a significant development in the performance of the agricultural sector.


The Directorate of Economic and Social Studies aims to achieve economic efficiency using agricultural resources available, study economic feasibility and social acceptance and adopt modern techniques and scientific research outputs for farmers through the following:

1. Undertake studies that improve the management of agricultural activities and regulate production in order to reduce costs and maximize profits.

2. Conduct research of the competitiveness of agricultural crops and their marketing opportunities in domestic and foreign markets in light of global economic developments.

3. Prepare economic feasibility studies and social acceptance of scientific research results and recommendations o the optimal use of resources available.

4. Conduct studies o the economic, social and environmental impact of various modern agricultural techniques applied by farmers.

5. Conduct studies on rural women's role in contributing to agriculture.

6. Coordinate and implement economic and social studies in cooperation with relevant local, regional and international institutions.

The Socio-Economic Studies Research Directorate is carrying out the following Mission:
Conduct research and scientific studies in the following fields:
1.1- Management of agricultural activities and organizing production.
1.2- Competitiveness of agricultural crops and their marketing opportunities.
1.3- Economic feasibility and social acceptance of research results.
1.4- Assessment of the use of available resources and food security.
1.5- Assessment of green economy activities and new economic and social alternatives.
1.6- Gender.
Qualify and capacity build up of technical staff.
Publish and document the results of agricultural research carried out in the Directorate.
Prepare the annual plan for the implementation of the work assigned to the Directorate and follow-up its implementation.
The Directorate has the following departments and divisions , which carry out the tasks assigned to it: