Biodiversity Research Directorate
The Biodiversity Research Directorate is carrying out the following Mission:
Conduct scientific research and carry out the tasks in the following areas:
1.1- ExSitu and In Situ conservation of plant species (endemic wild plant species and local landraces), priority shall be given to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.
1.2- Develop legal frameworks and strategies for the conservation, utilization and exchange of genetic resources.
1.3- Conduct floral surveys, and assessment of natural vegetation cover and restoration of habitats.
1.4- Utilization and management of forests.
1.5- Utilization and management of range lands.
1.6- Characterization and utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, including wild species and local landraces.
Qualify and capacity build up of technical staff.
Publish and document the results of agricultural research carried out in the Directorate.
Prepare the annual plan for the implementation of the work assigned to the Directorate and follow-up its implementation.
The Directorate has the following departments and divisions , which carry out the tasks assigned to it: